Hello! I'm Simon Holland Flarup

I am a young software engineer located in Odense, Denmark and a graduate in Software Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark. I value creating software solutions where efficient development means balancing velocity, quality and longevity

I have an background in various software development positions and projects. I'm currently empowering the development and maintenance of interactive software for the worlds leading collaborative robotic arms. Attributing to a renewed longevity and resolving accumulated technical debt for improved development velocity.

Previously, I've had the pleasure of applying software solutions to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. Being responsible for creating a functional prototype for a cloud connected industry valve to improve monitoring and fault-detection in water, district heating and gas infrastructure.

My apprenticeship involved leading the design, development and operation of a software automation application for enhancing the management of student registration and counseling. This experience made me focus on studying to become a software engineer.

Before being able to gain admittance to an university, I had to graduate from an upper secondary education. To fast track this process, an educational program was personalized for me to complete a two-year education within 11 months.

I graduate as a MSc in Software Engineering in 2023, ready to take on new challenges. If you are still curious, or have some challenges I may be interested in, then let's have a chat.